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France Population Forecast in 2050: Will France Be a Third World Country or an Economic Superpower?

France is one of the most popular and visited European countries. It has been on the list of top holiday destinations for several years running. France offers an exhilarating mix of great cities, amazing countryside, famous landmarks, UNESCO world heritage…

The German Economic Problem: What You Should Know

When the global financial crisis hit in 2008, the German economy was one of the hardest hit. The country had been steadily growing up until that point and, with a large trade surplus, had become an attractive target for speculators….

The Russian Economy: Structure, Function, and Role

Russia is the largest country in Eurasia and the eighth largest country in the world. It is characterized by vast natural resources, a mostly temperate continental climate, and an extensive coastline. The Russian economy has had to contend with these…

5 EU Growth Champions in the Digital Transformation World

Digital transformation is changing the way businesses operate. It’s also forcing organizations to become more innovative and more agile as well as rethinking processes, organizational structures, business models and IT infrastructure. As a result, many companies have started embracing digital…